Visual Art

The Making Of A Diamond

It is God’s desire to form His creative sons and daughters into multifaceted, prismatic diamonds–brilliantly reflecting the endless spectrum of His heart and His creative nature into every sphere of culture and society. This session will help you paint a broader spectrum and cultivate greater vision for the process of becoming a creative diamond for your Creator–one who hosts the creative, radiant, and beautiful nature of Jesus here on earth.


Communicating Intention Through Movement

This choreography workshop will focus on creating movement that is imbued with intention and purpose, either for the goal of storytelling or simply for enhancing the communicative nature of one’s choreography. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the dance world, the workshop will serve to provide tools for finding meaning and objectives in the choreography at hand. In this workshop, you will get a sneak peek at the process Kelly uses to create Chadash’s choreography, and you will have a chance to practice employing the process to communicate intention through movement.


Finding Your True Voice

There is a sound inside of your heart that is unlike anything ever heard in the earth before. It is vital, necessary and something only you can bring to the Great Symphony. In this workshop, we will explore what it means to discover your unique, God given sound-print and how to cultivate the musical identity that is authentic and true to who you are. This workshop welcomes everyone — from the beginner with limited experience to the seasoned writer who desires a refreshing perspective. Sharing from her own journey of fighting for the ownership of her voice to demonstrations and stories from her own creative songwriting experience, Molly’s desire is that you would leave inspired and empowered to find and cultivate your own authentic sound.

Poetry and Writing

Developing The Poetic Eye

The language of the Spirit and the language of the poet are one in the same. Each begin with an acute sense of observation, clothing invisible truths with symbol and metaphor or “Seeing the invisible” as The Apostle Paul describes it. This class will unlock truths to help develop poets and writers delve deeper into their craft and move past the blocks that often stifle creative vision.